SEO Simplified

With the rise of the digital age it's no surprise to see to companies like SEO agency Auckland popping up everywhere, but what is SEO? In general SEO is split in to 3 different types, below i'll explain what each of them is and how it is useful in your bid to gain website traffic.

Organic SEO

This is the name given to the process of improving a web pages ranking on search engines such as google by unpaid methods such as boosting keywords, using high quality and a high quantity of content. You can see how this could help a business, the site will gain continued exposure over time without paying out on advertising. 

On page SEO

Best described as a form of organic SEO, on page SEO is basically anything on a web page that contributes to the page and overall sites search engine ranking. The most common examples are keyword density, keyword placement and use of meta tags, if used correctly these can all contribute a higher organic ranking and once again save a lot of money on advertising. On the other hand it can also negatively affect your ranking if it is done in a 'spamy' way, for example over using keywords or putting them in places that will not make sense will hurt your ranking.

Local SEO

As opposed to the other two, local SEO is a lot more specific and aims to get a websites ranking up, but in a specific area (usually where the company is based). For example it would be a lot more useful for a dentists office to get web users in their local area stumbling across their site than someone on the other side of the world. With some research and practice it is possible to build up a goof local SEO ranking on your own, however many businesses reach out and work with agencies such as SEO agency Auckland to help them with this.